2006 Toyota Prius – For Sale!

UPDATE: Sale Pending!

We purchased this Prius new and it has been the primary car for the family for the past 14 years. Includes Thule racks with two locking road bike racks and a locking storage container that fits on the racks, too.

The car is a good commuter car – we get 46 mpg on average. Has a CD/mp3 player and with an auxiliary cable you can use with your phone. Drives well and has been well maintained with all servicing for the past 10 years or more done at Neighborhood Car Care at prescribed intervals. Last major tune up was done a year ago which should be good for several more years. AC works well and we have paperwork for all major items/work. No known recalls or other major issues. Mileage is currently at ~198,500. We have driven it about 14,000 miles a year.

Email drew@designmission.com if interested.

Asking $3,000.

Maintenance Notes:

  • Repainted at end of March, 2017 – still under warranty with Maaco.
  • Battery was replaced at end of September 2018, along with other charging units, and electrical.
  • Auxiliary battery, fan blower motor and POM cynergy box replaced end of July 2019. Just quoting the invoice here folks — no idea what these things are actually. 🙂
  • Main battery failed and replaced under warranty as was the main cooling pump (cause of failure) in February of 2020. Essentially we have a new electrical engine – we figured we’d get another 150K out of the car if we were keeping it.
  • All four tires replaced February 2020 and realigned – less than 5,000 miles put on them since then.
  • New radio antenna added August of 2020.

Known Issues:

  • Touch screen no longer works; screen works, you just cannot change views by touching.
  • Two small cracks in the front windshield, both sealed with epoxy and haven’t grown in over a year.
  • Tire inflation warning light always on. (We put a piece of black tape over the light on the dash – just check the tires from time to time.)
  • Floor mats are stained from age and use; we’ve cleaned them with a carpet cleaner but they show their age, as do the front seats. (We were considering seat covers when we bought a new car instead.)
  • Steering wheel has sun damage on the rubber/plastic and would benefit from a cover perhaps.
  • One of the two key fobs won’t lock the car from a distance – you have to use the buttons on the door.
  • Front dash has a section that isn’t sealed/fit by the glove compartment – it never really bothered us.


Photos below don’t show the floor mats — they were drying. Thule racks, bike racks, and storage/cargo box are not pictured here either. Click the images for a full size view.