DocMan – Joomla Download and Document Manager

dashboard-smallAnyone new to Joomla will likely not know of this excellent Extension, but for newcomers, it’s really almost a most have in my view.  I’m talking about DocMan, a download and document management tool from Joomlatools.

DocMan is nearly as old as Joomla itself and quite mature; it has many features and an intuitive interface.  There a permission levels, categories and subcategories, obfuscation of the download path and an “anti-leeching” feature preventing others from linking to your downloads.

There are some nice add-ons, some from Joomlatools, others from third parties.  One add on I’ve used is AutoPopulate.  Having several hundred files that I needed to be inserted into the management system and have titles and categories was far simpler using this add on.  There are many others, including ones for charging for downloads via PayPal and more.

Over the years I have tried several other Joomla document management tools, but always regret not sticking with DocMan.  It works well and has more resources than any other that I’ve found.  If you’re building a website that needs a document management section, consider DocMan the answer to your needs.