DropBoxI’ve known about Dropbox for quite a long while but hadn’t really checked it out until recently. I’m an instant fan!

Years ago, I used YouSendIt for some similar feature. I found their service to be both annoying and also heavy on the “let’s-spam-the-*&#@!-out-of-you” marketing style, which pretty much guarantees more than just a thumbs down in my world.

Having used Dropbox for the past month, I can only sing its praises.  It does everything I could want it to do, and so far, flawlessly.  The 2 gig free account suits me perfectly right now but I could see using a paid service if I needed it, too.

For anyone not familiar with this tool, here’s a list of the features –

  • It installs a folder on your hard drive that is for your ‘Dropbox’ files
  • This folder is then synced – folder and files and all – to your Dropbox account
  • You can have a “public” folder that you may direct people to for downloading files without needing to share your Dropbox account username and password
  • You may authorize more than one computer to connected to your account
  • Every time records are updated on your computer, an onscreen notice is generated
  • There is an iPhone and iPad app, too

This is a great tool for anyone that needs to have a set of files always available to them wherever there’s an Internet connection.  For me, this is highly more suitable than a thumb or flash drive and with 2 gigs, that’s plenty of space.  I store my encrypted password “KeyPassX” file there, a backup of my Transmit FTP bookmarks (also encrypted) and several work files.  I could also see using it for a TiddlyWiki page for GTD use, too.

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