Joomla! 1.7 – Needs Versioning Still

Joomla!The Design Mission has long been a supporter and advocate of Joomla!, an open source content management platform that is highly extendable.  But with the latest version, the Joomla development team has finally provided some much sought after functionality; the ability to do updates within the admin panel, integrated CAPTCHA, and the ability to connect to other types of databases.  An even cooler features is the ability to create a clone or child of a ‘master template’ allowing administrators to make modifications to the template that won’t be written over with an update.

One missing feature still is versioning of content.  WordPress has this feature and it would be a huge help to content managers.  Hopefully in the coming year this will be a feature added to the core.

UPDATED: Joomla has quickly jumped from versoin 1.7 to 2.5 in version numbers.  However, 1.7 is the still currently the keystone version from which all auto-updating comes.