LinkedIn vs. Spam

LinkedIn - Spam CapitalI used to have a LinkedIn profile. I even provided a link to it from this website as I viewed it as a great networking tool and means of showing my CV and experience.  At some point though I came to realize that LinkedIn had to be the source for a large amount of the spam I was getting at work, and worse yet, unsolicited sales calls.

I get it.  People need to make a living and I’ve put my experience out there for all to see, including the kinds of projects I have worked on, tools I’ve used, etc.  That’s very ripe for data mining by any sales force team and my main employer is seen as a good catch by most everyone.

But I don’t want solicitations.  Neither in email, voice mail, mailers or otherwise – not in any form.  So I deleted my profile completely.  Or have attempted to.  I still get requests each week from friends, people I have worked with and vendors who want me to join their list of LinkedIn contacts.   Unsubscribing from LinkedIn’s mailing list appears to have absolutely no effect or benefit here and so I report it as spam and do what I can to block all email from LinkedIn.

Anyone out there have a better solution to share?

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