Mac OS X Lion Invoicing Software — “Invoicing”

As I have written earlier, I somewhat recently upgraded to Lion on my Macintosh and dumped my ancient version of QuickBooks for iBank.  One feature missing in this otherwise fantastic piece of software is the ability to create and print an invoice.  I sampled several invoicing apps in the Mac App store and debated even trying this rather inexpensive app simply called “Invoicing” but am really quite happy with it. For an application that is less than $5.00 USD, this thing is an incredible bargain and does all I ever need an invoicing program to do.

The latest version, 3.01, has plenty of features for my small business needs.  I can quickly enter line items, apply a discount if needed, bill for partial hours, customize which columns are displayed and choose from a few different templates for look and feel.  The app also has some reporting tools, which honestly I don’t see using, but they may be of value to others.  The application did not get a very good rating for its earlier versions and as such, is still rated only 2 out of 5 stars in the Mac App Store.   I’m glad I decided it was worth more than just a glance, it’s a great little app that does exactly what I need it to do.


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