Mantis – Open Source Bug Tracker

Mantis Bug Tracker

Need a great tool for bug reports?  Want something that will help facilitate your quality assurance process?  Mantis is simple open source tool that fits this bill quite nicely.

Mantis is both a wonderful tool, and at times a source of frustration for me.  It’s very helpful in guiding reporters of issues during a quality assurance period.  I like the tools ability to help get issues reported fully so that developers can understand fully what the issue is and how it can be recreated – assuming that the reporter has indeed completed the bug report form completely and accurately.  If this is done correctly, this tool is great.

Features include:

  • User levels with different permissions
  • File uploads for screenshots or other
  • An intuitive interface with custom search refinements
  • Email notifications
  • Login / password protected management
  • Public and private projects may be created
  • An easy installation

It can’t stop people from submitting reports that are duplicates or incomplete, but it does do a good job of guiding all users to a well documented bug report.

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