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We’ve been building websites since 1993.  Yes, that’s a long time.  On this website, we’ll post articles on a somewhat irregular basis about open source projects that we find interesting, helpful code we’ve discovered, bugs we’ve fixed and more.  While we could use this website to highlight the portfolio of our work, which we’ve done in the past, we feel it is better to stay true to our roots in education and continue to share what we have learned and what we find of interest.  This seems to attract the right kind of clients for us.

These days, we are also quite busy with a multitude of concerns and getting new work is not one of them.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have all the work we can schedule for several years.  So, please read our blog entries, take part with comments and ask questions.   If you are looking to hire us, that’s great, but that’s probably not what brought you here.  We think sharing what we’ve learned and learning together is just fine, too.


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We use Google Analytics for these functions and analysis.  We use the information we collect to improve the content of our website and the use of our contact form is strictly for us.

We do not share any personal data, with anyone, ever.


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