Six Months of Using WordPress

WordPress LogoIt’s been six months now since I started using WordPress to run my website.  While familiar with it for many years, my decision to move from Joomla to WordPress was largely about wanting to learn to work in it better.  The focus of The Design Mission has also shifted to largely supporting our existing clients and doing pro bono work.  There is no need for a portfolio or sales oriented website any longer.

So far, WordPress has been a great experiment.  Learning to use the RocketTheme I purchased, customizing it and playing with widgets and such has been a good education.  See all that has changed in WordPress in the pass few years has also been helpful.  I’m impressed with the versioning capability and the auto saving of drafts.  WordPress has come a long way.

By far my favorite widget/tool has been WP Hashcash for spam prevention.  It’s awesome!  It validates that the comment being submitted is done from a browser, not a robot, and do so with some intelligent algorithms.  Coupled with Akismet, my site has been spam free.  So far, using WordPress has been a big win for me.

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