1and1 wp-login.php Redirection Issues

WordPresFor a time on December 30th, 2013, my hosting provider 1and1.com was redirecting all WordPress logins to whenever one hit wp-login.php effectively blocking all attempts to login — and logout for that matter – from any WordPress installation on their servers.

Their response was less than desired; they stated that this issue was effecting only .5% of their customers.  Even if that were to be true, which I would find doubtful given the widespread use of WordPress, and it seems to discount the severity of the issue for WordPress user, a program that they say they support completely. Read more

Domain Registrars

Having been with several different domain name registrars over the years, and worked with several others for clients, I have found that the range of service, satisfaction and cost is quite large. Paying more certainly does not equate to getting more. However, I can also say one of the worst was also one of the cheapest.

Here’s my ranking, from best to worst.

  • 1and1.com – You get a domain name or two (or three) with most accounts at 1and1 and they allow you to create a “private” registration where your information is hidden behind a proxy 1and1 account.  This is very useful in spam prevention and unwanted solicitations.
  • register.com – This used to not be so high on my list, but I’ve come to find their services more reliable and that the interface for domain management has improved.
  • networksolutions.com – Their domain management interface is okay, but the cost of a domain name is out of bounds via this old veteran on the Internet.
  • godaddy.com – For several years I used and recommended GoDaddy to people.  No more.  They are inexpensive, have a reasonably intuitive domain management interface and lots of services.  However, they spam you at every opportunity, make leaving or transferring a domain to another registrar near impossible and have an owner who does horrific things to animals.

If you have a favorite, please go ahead and plug in a comment here but give details about why it is good to use.