Some Simple Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search Engine LogosI don’t call myself a Search Engine Optimization expert, but at the same time, I do know a great deal about SEO and have had success in optimizing several sites.   Search engine optimization is for most people a black art – or at least a dark one.   But it’s really not hard to do some basic things that help, nor is there some sort of magically secret way to lift your ratings as your spam folder may be trying to tell you.

Over the years, experience has taught me a great deal about things that work and ways one can improve search engine rankings for specific keywords.   Sometimes this learning was from trial and effort to do so, other times just luck.  A past version of this website had an excellent rating for “osCommerce” and especially “osCommerce and Joomla” with rankings in the top 10, sometimes even the top 3, for several years.  (Even today we’re ranking pretty high for these terms without effort behind it now.)

This post will focus on sharing what we’ve learned about SEO over the past 15 years.  It’s not intended to be the be-all-end-all, but simply list some basics that everyone should do to optimize a website.

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