The Non-Designer’s Design Book

The Non-Designer's Design Book People who know me, know I do not profess to be a ‘web designer,’ nor even a ‘designer’ at all. I’m a web developer.  (And please, I beg you, do not call me a webmaster as that is such a hokey and ego-centric title.)

For most of us in this profession, the skill sets are divided up along the lines of either being a designer or a developer.  There are some areas of cross over, obviously, but by and large a designer is not a good developer, and a developer is not a good designer; rarely do you find both in one package.

As a developer, I need to at a minimum though understand design principles and be able to recognize good design from bad.  I expect that the designers I work with understand development limitations and capabilities, too.  This book, The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams, is my lifeline when it comes to understanding design principles.  She writes clearly and effectively and provides excellent examples for learning.  If I were to be teaching a web design and development course again, it would be a required text for the class.

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