We’ve long been a strong support of wikis.  (Especially DokuWiki — look for a future blog post on this great open source tool in the future.) Wikis are great tools for being able to quickly add test, a link hierarchy, images and links to documents by even non-technical people.  Most also provide a version control system.  Perhaps their biggest strength is in the ease of searching for terms and usage.

All of that being said, a hybrid of this great tool is TiddlyWiki.  Described as a “wiki on a stick”, or a reusable, non-linear personal web notebook, these little single page wikis have a lot of potential as documentation tools and more.  For several months after first discovering them, Monkey Pirate GTD I used MonkeyGTD (MonkeyPirateTiddlyWiki+GTD) which has a “Getting Things Done” organization to it.  Having just had training in the GTD method, it was my search for a tool to use with my new understanding of GTD that led to the discovery of TiddlyWikis.    If you’d like to sample all kinds of different TiddlyWikis, go to TiddlySpot.com.

What I like most about this single page tool is the speed that it runs.  No need for anything but a web browser and a place to store your file.  Very slick.

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