“Drew is a great resource for information and assistance on a very wide range of web related topics, in addition to being amazingly productive and budget conscious. When he helped me redo my site he listened to my ideas, anticipated my needs and always met or exceeded my expectations with his implementation.

Please feel free to use me as a reference anywhere that you might find it to be useful.As you know I have only great things to say about you and would welcome another opportunity to sing your praises.”
Dennis West, The National Priorities Project


“After working with Drew for many years while he was at interFUEL, I was excited to have him come on board at eDistrict. With a background in education and a strong passion for the web, he is unlike many other “web” types out there. I can whole-heartedly recommend him to anybody looking for the consummate web expert, particularly in the open source arena.”
Scott O’Malley, CPI Solutions


“Over the past several years that I’ve worked with Drew in varying capacities – including as my professor, project manager and colleague – he’s always shown me to be tireless in his work ethic, dedicated to the project at hand, and excellent in client relations and staff training/orientation. Drew is not afraid to adopt new technologies or explore unfamiliar territory. In fact, Drew welcomes these opportunities.

Drew is always looking for ways to make systems, processes and workflows more streamlined, logical and user-friendly than the way he found them. Drew is an excellent and patient teacher and mentor. His approach to co-workers, counterparts and people in general is one that meets each at her or his skill level and degree of understanding, and then provides them the tools and knowledge needed to become self-managing. Thanks to Drew, I now have a love affair with open-source technologies.”
Frank Nilsen efnweb.com


“Thanks, Drew!! This is wonderful!! You did good!! I will let you know if I need the info on making changes….but really, HOW could we improve on YOU?? Thanks again!”
In-Home Assistance


“I’ve been very appreciative of your good work and the fine results. You’ve done a terrific job with the site. It’s really exactly what we were needing.”
Jack Jackson, RestorativeJusticeNow



“Drew rocks and helps us through our website hell problems all the time!”

Nevada Wilderness Project





“The developers at the Design Mission will not only work FOR you, they will actively think WITH you. Be prepared for total satisfaction!”

Alle Schilstra, Wefan Consultants


“I would like to thank you for your devotion to our company and the professional service that your company continues to provide us. During our working relationship over the past 4-5 years, you have steered us into extremely positive and beneficial website platforms. As the web evolves, your knowledge has kept up to the changes, and your direction keeps our web business going upward.

When our company put a hold on any new website changes for over a year, our sales plummeted. We have greatly increased our sales quickly upon re-working it over the past few months and I know we will be setting records in web sales due to your efforts. And to do this with an extremely short cost recovery period, makes everything you do worth it. Also I truly appreciate the assistance you give in keeping us on task. As your company primarily deals with website development, this is a special project for us which takes someone out of their regular job, and your coaxing us along to get things done, is essential for us to complete our web tasks, as we have other aspects of our business to run.. You manage your time and your client’s time well. Also-you listen to the client, and provide solutions to getting things done, the way we believe it should be, while educating us as to different and better ways so that we can make informed decisions. Without this assistance we would not have a professional, money making website.

Lastly, a part that most businesses let slide, but not you; taking care of minute details that need to be done, well after the job is completed. The little picky things that crop up after a launch, you handle quickly, professionally and without complaint. You get the job done, you follow through to the end and then some, you are very fair in your billing and account well for your time. I have no hesitancy recommending your company to anyone out there looking to increase their web business with a professional website development company. Please make sure to add our website to your portfolio.”
Arthur Lindahl 


“A million thanks Drew…I think it’s going to look great!!”
Betty Briggs, Briggs Benefits


“I worked with Drew on many projects. With our web solutions being custom designed to fit our client’s needs, it required a project manager that was able to adapt and understand all facets of the internet and technology. Drew had these qualities and was able to communicate them to the client.”
Peter Chao, CPI Solutions / eDistrict


“Drew builds great websites. When we held a major motorsports event at California Speedway (40,000 attendance), it was Drew who built our website and webstore. In our store, we sold everything from Tshirts to event tickets. Though just as important was the database he constructed to allow us to communicate with our customers, and extract info for vendors/sponsors. Great value, very reliable.”
Bart Allan, JGTCUSA,  PSKUCSB and BackInTheGameHealth.com


“Drew is thoroughly professional, well spoken, and well informed. His attention to detail and helpful nature have always made working with him a great experience, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and value to Patagonia.”
Mark Morgan, Consultant & Sr. Programmer, Spinning Cogs