Why WordPress?

This site is built with WordPress.  As a long time proponent of Joomla!, it wasn’t without a great deal of thought that I changed my own website’s platform to a different operating system.  There were several reasons.

WordPress Logo

  1. While familiar with WordPress, I don’t work with it very regularly.  Having my own site built with it would extend my skill set and knowledge of it.
  2. WordPress has an iPhone app for easier updating.  A free app.  There are some Joomla! iPhone apps, but you have to add a custom component and buy the iPhone piece.  This was a simpler path.
  3. WordPress is truly simpler and the focus of the website is no longer on showing off work and attracting new clients, but instead simply being a place to record things learned the hard way or new discoveries worth sharing.  WordPress fits this new direction much better than Joomla! would.
  4. It was simply time to experiment with something different.

We’re still very much a strong supporter of the Joomla! platform (and Drupal, and Zen-Cart, and osCommerce, and CiviCRM).  So far, this change has been educational, and fun.

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